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At Sentry Wealth we understand from years of experience that when you’re running your own business you need financial advice that will identify and deliver financial solutions expediently. Whether it’s organising your corporate protection or setting the right course for managing your Auto Enrolment responsibilities, our team of local qualified business financial advisers will create the financial strategies that work for you and your business. We will keep it clear and simple with no fuss, no flannel, just high-quality advice when you need it.

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Auto Enrolment

In 2012 the Government reformed workplace pension legislation and part of this reform was an obligation by employers to enrol all qualifying employees into a pension scheme. This includes employees aged between 22 and 65 who are earning over £10,000 per year. Auto Enrolment applies to virtually all employers; even those with only one employee and employers must contribute to these pension schemes. The Pensions Regulator can issue fines to businesses who do not adhere to the legislation or who miss their staging date. All employees must be enrolled, but they do have the option of opting out of the scheme.

Key Person Protection

Key person protection is an excellent way to for a company or a business to protect themselves against anything happening to important fee earners or those with specialist expertise. The financial effects of losing this type of employee can be significant & with the right cover in place the impact can be greatly reduced.

The type of protection policy you choose will depend on the specific person and the circumstances involved. A basic Key Person policy will insure in the case of death, but serious illness may cause similar financial losses & cover for this should be considered too.

The cost of key person protection varies according to a number of factors.

Shareholder Protection

Many companies and businesses do not have sufficient protection policies in place to cope with the death or serious ill health of a director or shareholder. Shareholder protection involves life cover on the shareholders and business owners to the value of their stake in the business. It requires a cross option agreement. This means if a shareholder dies, the policy will provide the funds for the other shareholders to buy the deceased’s shareholding from their estate.

This simple agreement will allow the business to continue, with the ownership of the company in the right hands.

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